Minimalist House Design Ideas Modern Classic Contemporary

Modern Classic Contemporary Minimalist House Design Ideas

Modern Classic Contemporary Minimalist House Design Ideas

Form of the house is the first thing we think of when going to the house, after that thinking about home interior design. Many of us sometimes to great lengths to design a house hunting, walking in areas that we think there are many buildings that have various designs, some look of the magazine. Contemporary minimalist home that you see above is the emergence of home design. To search for your interior design can be explored through the photo above, because it combines some of the designs are very necessary, it is done to look for perfection.

Home architecture  is very influential on the display and look forward aesthetic value. This could be my little review about the house by the family who wants to be in the design owner as fancy as possible. With the look of the old façade that tend to look monotonous as refined window that varies less processed it is necessary to make it look harmonious façade.

Here I began to create the vocal point on the façade like the orange color of the walls and materials combined with natural stone andesite. Modern minimalist colors also began to look with the color combination monochrome gray, beige, brown and enriched with refined sun screen (sosoran) white color.

Initially form a vertical window now becomes my combination of vertical and horizontal so that the impression of monotony can be reduced. The building would look beautiful if she has an asymmetrical look and herein lies an artistic value of building / house. My impression is asymmetric with the presence of processed columns show the main entrance / entrances are made asymmetrical so that the building looks more modern and minimalist.

Besides the initial appearance of garage doors monotonous and less beautiful, are now processed at random but rhythmically candlepower makes the garage doors are becoming more beautiful and modern impression.

Style used in the bedroom will be the basis in developing the ideas in the interior, the arrangement of furniture and others. Whether it will be a classic, contemporary, modern minimalist or even retro pop, specify these styles from scratch. Also color selection. Favorite color tends to be the deciding factor, but must be adapted to the style used, so as to create a beautiful harmony. To enrich the texture, color, monochromatic color or a contrasting color accent could be a good alternative at home.

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